Chiropractic Care in Oregon City

Chiropractic Care in Oregon City

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Are you experiencing neck or back pain or headaches? Have you been involved in auto accidents that have resulted in pain that has come between you and your most loved routines? Our approach not only helps you heal from back and neck pain, but more chronic concerns such as fibromyalgia and headaches. At Hilltop Chiropractic, chiropractor, Dr. Scot Bowles, asks thorough questions so he can get an idea of who you are your daily life. When it comes time to offer treatment, our doctor personalizes your plan by discussing your prognosis, how many chiropractic visits may be ideal for your situation and what to expect from the healing process. By visiting us for regular, more preventive chiropractic adjustments, we are able to help your nervous system communicate at its best with the rest of the body.

Why Receive Regular Chiropractic Care In Oregon City?

Preventive chiropractic care in Oregon City is not simply for aches and pains, but also improving the immune system. Regular chiropractic care can keep the flu and cold at bay and can help reduce your potential need for medications if one does occur. Because chiropractic optimizes nerve function, chiropractic care may shorten the duration of a cold or flu.

If you have experienced auto accidents or sports injuries, we are happy to be your go-to source for healing. We know that the ideal time to visit us is just after your incident occurs. Let us help you keep the pain from setting in or to provide an adjustment that gets you relief, corrective and rehabilitative care.

When you receive regular chiropractic care with us, you will be exposed to adjustments, corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, massage therapy and regular lifestyle advice. Because chiropractic care can help everyone, we encourage you to get the entire family in to meet us from birth all the way on up.

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