Chiropractic Testimonials

"I could barely walk. I had back, neck and shoulder pain. I couldn’t do anything! Hilltop Chiropractic gave me the ability to have complete rotation of my shoulder. I have been able to get back to my normal duties and functional life."

- S. Humphrey

"I had unbearable pain in my upper back, shoulder and ribs. I couldn’t sit, walk, ride a bike, sew, clean; I couldn’t enjoy the simple everyday things. Dr. Bowles realigned my spine and rib to the point I have a better state of mind and I look forward to doing things. I started walking again. I can enjoy the day and sleep so much better. No one else could ease my pain and pills were of no help. Now I improve every day."

- J. Sparber

"I had severe lower back and neck pain. I couldn’t lift anything, bend over or exercise. Now I feel great! Dr. Bowles took me from bad shape to good shape and showed me what the problem is and how to keep getting better."

- N. Peters

"I had lower back and knee pain. I could not bend, stoop, carry things, do chores, drive or sit comfortably. I feel great now. Hilltop Chiropractic took years of pain away in a matter of months. I can do a lot more because of their therapy techniques."

- K. Exton

"I had ongoing lower back and neck pain. I couldn’t do anything without in pain when I did them. Hilltop Chiropractic has let me live life better! Chiropractic Works!"

- M. Taylor

"I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain, along with daily headaches and almost weekly migraines. Since coming to Hilltop Chiropractic of Oregon City I feel AMAZING! It has been almost three years without a migraine. I feel like a new woman! They have changed my life!"

- K. Jansen

"I had pain in my lower back, leg, shoulder and neck. I could not sleep and was in constant pain because of my injuries. I feel much, much better. Hilltop Chiropractic has improved my health tremendously! I can sleep now."

- M. Sotero

"I had searing pain between my shoulder blades and upper back. If I reached for things, do household chores or turned my head I was in pain. I have improved very much. Dr. Bowles had put things back in place. He gave me stretches and exercises to work on at home. He has kept things improving and relieved the acute pain. It works."

- S. Thompson

"I had continuous neck pain that caused headaches. It caused difficulty at work and sleeping. Everything I did caused pain! Even sitting through a movie was difficult. Anything that used my shoulder hurt. Now I am a different person! I don’t hurt all the time now and when I do have pain it is minimal. I will catch myself bracing when doing something thinking that it will hurt but, it doesn’t anymore! I can be more active because I don’t hurt as bad. I am getting better sleep and I am enjoying the things I have avoided because of the pain. All thanks to Hilltop Chiropractic!"

- C. Quinn

"I was rear-ended. I had instant pain in my neck and left shoulder that continued to get worse. I had trouble working, I wasn’t sleeping well and could only sew for one hour and then I would have to rest. Hilltop Chiropractic improved my movement and muscle stability. Now I don’t have pain and I am back to my regular sleeping schedule. I am also able to sew for 4-5 hours without having pain."

- A. Beeles

"My mid back was so out I could barely breath and my right arm at times would get numb and weak. This affected my daily life making personal and work activity almost impossible. Now because of Dr. Bowles I’m almost completely back to 100%. I feel outstanding. I feel better all the time which greatly improved my life and attitude."

- M.P. Taylor

"I suffered from TMJ, facial pain and neck pain. I couldn’t talk, laugh, eat or chew very well. Dr. Bowles is very good at his job and the staff is friendly. I have my old personality back. I am not sitting around the house anymore, I have more motivation. Hilltop Chiropractic is a great place to come."

- N. Kaiser

"I had low back pain after sitting. I could not sit for very long, all I could do to feel better was to lie down. I used the Spinal Decompression at Hilltop Chiropractic and now I am pain free and I have my freedom back!"

- T. Sieckman

"I was in PAIN 24/7 for almost ten months!! I had an MRI and a herniated disc was discovered in my lower back along with three other bulging discs. I had heard of the Spine-Med machine and that Dr. Bowles had one so, I made an appointment. The pain had been relieved and my energy level is back to normal. I did not want to undergo back surgery and the Spine-Med treatments have been a true godsend."

- M. Stephens

"I had a badly herniated disc in my lower back with a reoccurring problem from a back surgery from 15 years ago. I saw an ad that Dr. Bowles had for his Spine-Med machine. I almost opted for surgery again and I am very glad I decided to give the alternative Spine-Med a try. After 20 sessions my back hasn’t felt this well in the past ten years. I would highly recommend this to anyone."

- G. Sixberry

"I had a herniated disc in my neck. I could not lie down to sleep, my right arm hurt all the time and my right hand would go numb. I heard about Dr. Bowles and the Spine-Med decompression machine and now I feel 1000% better. I can sleep in bed at night, play golf and ride my bike again."

- W. Miller

"I had ruptured a disc. I had pain in my leg with numbness and could not walk. I saw Dr. Bowles’s ad for the decompression machine. The pain is all gone. I can walk normally. The numbness is gone as well."

- D. Randall

"My wife and I were in a car accident. We had back, neck, arm and shoulder injuries. We own our own business and we could not do our job without “extreme pain”. We have now returned to our pre-injury condition. Dr. Bowles and his staff have done a remarkable job. We have improved to the point that we can work again without pain."

- R. & G. Adams

"I had pain in my left hip, low, mid and upper back as well as headaches. I couldn’t stand or sit for long periods. I also couldn’t take long walks anymore. I no longer have to take headache pain meds and I have relief in my hip and back. The staff at Hilltop Chiropractic is very caring and has helped me to feel much better."

- M. Calkins

"I was rear-ended and had low back, hip, shoulder and neck pain. I had severe pain and stiffness all over my head to my hips and legs 24/7 for almost a year. I was very limited in my walking, standing, bending and sitting. I had many sleepless nights because of the pain. I have improved very much. I have regained my self-esteem and I am no longer stressed. I can perform my duties at work now. Hilltop Chiropractic helped me make significant changes in my body as a whole and I can sleep all night! Thank you Dr. Bowles and staff!"

- N. Wilson

"I had no motion in my neck and right shoulder. It was very painful to move or use. I couldn’t sleep; I got migraines, was off balance and had sciatica in my right leg. I couldn’t look over my shoulder when driving, couldn’t brush my hair or look up or down. I became left handed because my right hand wouldn’t move fully. Dr. Bowles gave me full use of my arm and neck motion and no more migraines. Even my teeth are aligned now. I feel RELIEVED and FANTASTIC!!"

- D. Duncan

"I had pain down my right leg and buttocks. I couldn’t do housework, drive or sit to read anymore. Decompression therapy was such a blessing! I am back to doing my normal activities. Hilltop Chiropractic has a great staff."

- D. Fuller

"I had pain in my buttocks, down my left leg, low back, knee, ankle and my shin was numb as well. I could not bend over or walk very well and I could not sit for very long. Now I feel like a new person. All my nerve symptoms throughout my leg are gone and my back pain is almost non-existent. My health has improved by the decompression treatments and therapy that Dr. Bowles did for me. Now I can do the things I normally used to do."

- J. Brunelle

"I had lower back pain. I could barely go through the day without pain. Jogging was impossible, work was difficult and driving was a pain. Now I feel great!! I can do everything I used to do. Sitting in one spot isn’t a pain anymore. Hilltop Chiropractic helped my back get better and better."

- A. Stubblefield

"I had hurt my mid back, left shoulder and neck at work lifting heavy boxes. My back was in extreme pain, even breathing hurt. I couldn’t drive without holding myself up in the steering wheel, sleep soundly, lift or twist, or breathe deeply. Oh boy, I feel really good! My back has healed up nicely! I never even feel a trace of the initial injury. Thanks Dr. Bowles!"

- J. Reed

"I had neck, low and mid back pain. It was very hard to do normal house work and to keep up with my two small children. I feel so much better now compared to how I felt after the accident. Hilltop Chiropractic helped me with improving my movement and pain. I love how they are an all in one facility, chiropractic, massage and therapies."

- D. Howie

"I had pain on the right side of my neck, my hip and all over my back. I couldn’t work, move or sleep very well. I feel a lot better now! The team at Hilltop Chiropractic of Oregon City cares about your health and they are very professional."

- W. Otzoy


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